Technology ​Standard 1:

​Uses technology with care to engage with others and learn about the world.​

Manipulates technology equipment.

  • Amani pushes the button to turn on the tablet and swipes right to locate the app.
  • Braelin says to Destiny, “Let's play the gumball game!" and selects the corresponding program from the available applications on the screen.
  • Fayth uses the adaptive keyboard to type the first letter in her name and then presses “enter" to log in.
  • Rodrigo uses the mouse to click on the Spanish language option before playing the game.
  • Makayla holds up the tablet, takes a photo of her block structure, and brings it to her teacher.

Follows rules for safe use of the computer and other technology equipment.

  • Keenan points to the Tablet Rules poster in the classroom and reminds Sara that only one friend can play on the tablet at a time and to write her name on the turn taking list.
  • During clean-up time, Ethan puts the tablet back in the padded bag and places it in the basket.
  • Connor points to the visual sign next to the computer and says, “No food near the computer!"
  • Ashley signs, “Help!" to the teacher after she accidentally clicks on a different website than what she was using.​

Uses technology to explore, create and innovate.

  • Dajon moves his pointer on the screen creating a thick orange line and exclaims, “Watch this!"
  • Sophie and Isaiah giggle as they use the wacky brushes and spray paint options to mix up the paint they placed on the virtual canvas. 
  • Daniela selects various shapes from the choices on the screen and spins, slides, and turns them to create a design.
  • Cora points to the computer screen and says to Silas, “Come see the robot I made! It can spin really fast!"

Uses technology to communicate.

  • Olivia texts on the pretend smartphone in the Dramatic Play area and says, “The doctor says you need medicine." 
  • Patrick chooses the smiley face option on the screen by tapping in the appropriate area to communicate that he likes the computer game he recently played.
  • Jayme waves at the video screen and tells the guest firefighter that she has seen a fire truck near her home.
  • Harper works with the teacher to make a video in her home language about the playdough creation she made. 
  • Jamal and Ava use the digital book creation app to choose pictures to create their story.

Uses technology to investigate a topic of interest.

  • After signing-in, Amelia scurries over to the computer screen to see if the gorilla they have been live streaming is awake.
  • Owen looks out the window and reports the weather to the class. Then he selects the weather app to compare his observation to what the app reports.
  • After debating about the actual size of a brontosaurus, Nathan exclaims, “Let's ask Siri!"
  • Gavin and Isabella sit at the computer with the teacher to try and identify one of the birds sitting on the bird feeder outside their classroom window.​