Health/Mental Wellness

Health/Mental Wellness Standard 1: 

Demonstrates health/mental ​wellness and social skills needed to participate cooperatively as a member of a group.​

P-PMP 4.

​Child demonstrates personal hygiene and self-care skills.

P-PMP 5.

​Child develops knowledge and skills that help promote nutritious food choices and eating ​​habits.

​ P-PMP 6.

​Child demonstrates knowledge of personal safety practices and routines.

Takes care of personal health/safety needs with adult support as needed.

  • Melvin goes to the water fountain when thirsty.
  • Nina goes to the bathroom without prompting.
  • Carlos covers his mouth when he coughs and then washes his hands after the teacher reminds him. 
  • In the dramatic play center, DaShon explains to Sarah, “We don't go with strangers."
  • On the playground, Remi tells a friend, “Hold on [to the safety bar] with two hands when you go up the steps" while climbing up the steps for the slide.

Identifies healthy food choices.

  • Before taking a bite of peas, Myra tells a friend, “This helps you grow."
  • Kianna cuts pictures of healthy foods out of a magazine.
  • After lunch, the teacher uses the food pyramid to identify what categories of food the class had for lunch.  Aiden notices that green beans are in the vegetable group.​
P-ATL 1.

​Child manages emotions with increasing independence.

P-SE 8.

​Child manages emotions with increasing independence.

P-ATL 4.

​Child manages actions, words, and behavior with increasing independence.

P-SE 3.​

Child engages in and maintains positive interactions and relationships with other children.

​P-SE 4.

Child engages in cooperative play with other children.​

Plays alongside rather than with other children.

  • Kevin plays with blocks in the block area while Steven plays with trucks in the same area.
  • Playing separately in the housekeeping area, Matt irons clothes and Kira cooks dinner and feeds the ​baby.

Plays in small groups or pairs based on similar interests.

  • Troy watches two children dig in the sandbox and then slowly sits down next to them and begins to dig.
  • Hayden, Everett and Clara play together in the housekeeping area, taking turns pretending to feed a baby doll and serving each other dinner.
  • Mitchell asks Paul to play Candy Land at the activity table.
  • On the playground, Melanie says to Jimmy & Tanisha, “Let's play our chase game again.  Tanisha, you be the monster this time!" 

Makes and maintains a friendship with at least one other child. 

  • Myra greets Sue when she arrives and gives her a hug.
  • Kimmi refers to Luke as “my friend." 
  • Miriam and Tasha regularly choose each other as partners. 
  • Kyle and Barry play together on the playground the entire time they are outside.

Follows routines independently with support when needed.

  • The teacher points to the pictorial directions for feeding the class fish.  Alice looks at the first picture, looks at the teacher, and then picks up the container of fish food.
  • After watching Ryker throw away his cup and napkin in the trash can, Meija throws away her cup and napkin after eating her snack.
  • Crystal sings the cleanup song with the teacher while putting the Legos away.
  • After using the class choice board to indicate that he plans to go to the Art Center to paint a picture, Tad wheels his wheelchair to the art center to use the easel.
  • Without a reminder, Scott places his headset next to the computer after listening to a story, checks the center sign-up list, and goes to tell Alyse that she is next to use the computer.

Uses materials appropriately and in a self-directed manner.

  • Tamika chooses a book and turns the pages gently without tearing the book.
  • Mustafa uses paper, tape, and glue to create a dinosaur book during choice time.
  • Abby takes several markers in her hands at the same time and makes dots all over her paper.  She then replaces the caps on the markers and returns them to the bin.
  • Maddox chooses the feathers, jewels, stickers, and pom poms to make a collage. After gluing some of the items onto the cardboard, Maddox returns the unused supplies to the classroom bin.

Participates in everyday classroom activities, with adult guidance as needed.

  • During center time, Bryson digs into the container of doll house furniture and proceeds to place pieces in different rooms of the doll house.
  • When the teacher tells Josh that he is the leader today, he hops up and immediately heads to the attendance chart to help read the names of the children who are here today.
  • On the playground, the teacher invites children to play with the parachute.  The interested children take hold of a handle and the teacher and children work together to lift and lower the parachute.
  • Brittany says, “It's circle time.  It's time to see who is not here." Brittany looks around the room and says, “Jinna is not here."

Shifts attention between tasks and moves through transitions with guidance from adults as needed.

  • Callie says good-bye to her dad at the door, then runs over to join some children playing with blocks. 
  • When Paloma comes in from the playground, her teacher reminds her to check her picture schedule to see what comes next. Paloma walks over to her picture schedule, pulls off the picture of the easel, and then goes over to the art center to paint.
  • Eric begins to pick up toys when his caregiver starts to sing the clean-up song.  
  • Mario places a stop sign on the Magnatiles letting others know that he plans to continue using them and walks over to where the teacher has gathered a small group of children for an activity. 
  • The teacher reminds Luis that some children are on the patio painting the “rocket ship" and asks Luis if he would like a turn to paint or if he would rather continue playing at the water table.  Luis quickly puts away the water toys and heads to the patio.

Anticipates typical consequences for a specific behavior with support as needed.

  • Leah drops a container of markers on the floor.  When the teacher bends down to pick them up and says, “Uh-oh.  When we spill things, we need to pick them up and put them back in the container", Leah begins to pick up some of the markers with the teacher.
  • After running across the carpet, Leo looks at the teacher and then returns to the other side of the carpet. He begins to walk across and says, “When we run, we have to go back and walk.".
  • Beau heads to the door to go outside, but after his teacher reminds him to get a coat, he goes back to his cubby and says, “I don't want to be cold.  I need my jacket!"
  • Johnny knocks sand onto the floor. He uses the nearby brush and dustpan to sweep some of it up, telling his friend, “When we make a mess, we have to clean it up so no one will fall."
  • When Diego's feet bump into Adrian's back during circle time, Diego checks on Adrian to make sure he is okay, saying, “Are you OK? My feet might hurt you." 

Describes self in terms of several basic characteristics.

  • Kylie tells the teacher, “I have brown hair."
  • When a classroom visitor asks who she is, Regina says, “My name is Regina and I'm four. I can run really fast!"
  • In the Dramatic Play area, Shirley tells Abe, “I'm a girl. I can be the doctor."
  • “My name is Dajun Cho. I am bigger than Josiah."

Identifies feelings and likes and dislikes but may not be able to explain why.

  • Cierra signs, “I love ice cream."
  • Janie's interventionist notices that Janie seems to be feeling sad.  When asked “Janie, you seem to be feeling sad. What's wrong?" Janine shrugs her shoulders to indicate, “I don't know."
  • Lulu says she likes to play with the trucks, but not the blocks.   
  • When asked about favorite foods, Delilah responds, “I love strawberries. They are so juicy!"

Demonstrates self-confidence through interactions. 

  • Dudley stands up in front of his class and shares a favorite book from home.
  • Emmett exclaims, “Yes! I did it!" when putting the last piece of the puzzle in place.
  • Tanisha tells her friend, “I builded it all by myself".
  • After a few weeks at school, Quentin readily joins in the songs at circle time.
  • While trying to figure out how to make the marble stay on the ramp without falling off, Peyton tells Adalyn, “We can do it.  We just have to try again."

Accepts and/or asks for help solving social problems and/or resolving conflicts. 

  • When Sebastian and Harrison both want a turn to feed the class pet, the teacher helps Sebastian use the communication board so the two children can agree that Sebastian can feed the pet today, and Harrison can feed the pet tomorrow.
  • When Haley takes a truck from her, Myla asks the teacher for help. The teacher helps the girls talk about their conflict and decide how to share the truck.
  • Germaine gets the teacher when Ryan takes her baby doll and won't give it back.
  • Marta asks the teacher for help when Sheri paints on her picture.

Solves social problems and/or resolves conflicts with adult guidance and support when needed.

  • Larry wants the car Tre' is playing with so he asks him to trade cars.
  • After Bailey hits her, Naomi says, “Don't do that. I don't like it." Bailey grabs the block from Naomi. The teacher says to Bailey, “You seem frustrated.  You wanted the block. What could you say to help solve this problem?" Bailey says, “I need this for my building." Naomi says, “OK, but I need the others." Bailey replies, “OK."
  • Maya tries to get other children to join her in the block area.  She asks Sarah if she wants to play.  When she gets no response, she tries again by saying, “You can build the tower and I drive the cars."

Offers ideas or simple explanations for solving social problems or conflicts with guidance from adults.

  • Anthony and Weston are struggling over a swing on the playground, each of them holding the swing and pulling it away from the other. Their teacher asks, “What do you think we can do to solve this problem?" Anthony says, “Maybe Weston can swing, and then me."
  • Brantley tells the teacher that Jayden called him a name.  The teacher replies, “Your face tells me you didn't like it.  What could you say to Jayden?" Brantley replies, “I don't like it when you call me names. Next time call me Brantley." The teacher replies, “You used a strong voice when you said that. I think you have a plan."
  • When playing a board game, Mary, Natalie and Ivy all want to have the first turn. Ivy says, “Let's take turns going first. That way it's fair."

Persists at challenging tasks, despite setbacks.

  • Willy works several minutes on a puzzle.  When he cannot get the last piece to fit, he asks the teacher to help him. Then he puts it in himself.  
  • A portion of Dominique's bridge continues to topple over.  Dominique rebuilds it for a third time and says, “It's got to work this time."
  • After repeatedly stepping off the balance beam before reaching the end, Kara continues to walk a little further each time.

Maintains focus when working on a task.

  • Using the snap beads from the shelf, Mary works until she makes a necklace that fits around her neck.
  • The teacher asks Brady to water the plants in the classroom.  Brady carefully waters each plant and when finished, replaces the watering can.
  • As other children work at the same table with different manipulatives, Sharla works on completing a difficult puzzle.
  • Juan starts and completes several levels of play on the computer counting activity.

Sets short term goals, makes plans, and follows through.

  • Cory tells the teacher using sign language that he is going to go to the dramatic play center and pretend to be a dog.
  • During the cooking project, Larry saves the carrot scraps so he can feed them to the class rabbit.
  • Kingston is playing with Parker in the block area. “Let's make a castle," Kingston says. “You get the blocks, and I'll get the people to put in the castle."