Physical Education

Physical Education Standard 1: 

​Demonstrates gross and fine motor ​skills.

P-PMP 1.​

Child demonstrates control, strength, and coordination of large muscles.

​ P-PMP 2.

Child uses perceptual information to guide motio​ns and interactions with objects and other people.

Demonstrates spatial awareness of body position in relationship to stationary objects.

  • Dimitri moves his wheelchair through the classroom without bumping into anything.
  • Bob crawls through the tunnel and then runs to the swings, while avoiding bumping into the slide.
  • Mary completed an obstacle course by hopping inside a hula hoop, crawling under a rope, and ​running to a cone at the end without bumping into the equipment.

Walks with control.

  • Corey walks backwards for a short distance before turning around.
  • Maria uses her gait trainer to move around the classroom and building.
  • Diego walks with long strides and swings the arm that is opposite of the leg that is extended, copying how his teacher is walking.
  • Martha walks heel-to-toe following the crack in the sidewalk.

Runs with control.

  • Luis runs at a steady pace.
  • Cari runs with even strides and swings the opposite arm from the leg that is extended. As she swings her arms, she keeps them close to her body.

Climbs, jumps, and/or hops with coordination, balance, and control.

  • Alice climbs to the top of the playground climber using the ladder stairs and placing one foot on each step as she climbs.
  • Adrian watches a friend tiptoe across the balance beam.  Then, Adrian tiptoes halfway across the balance beam and jumps off.
  • Jerry pretends to move like a frog by jumping with both feet across the circle time rug.
  • Brian hops several times on his right foot and then several times on his left foot. 

Experiments with galloping and skipping.   

  • The interventionist demonstrates galloping around the playground. Mila and Jason imitate his movements.
  • Akoia gallops with smooth movement and relative ease. 
  • LaChelle skips two times but reverts to galloping across the gym floor.

Uses quick stops or changes in direction to avoid contact with objects or other people.

  • Martin runs around a friend going the other direction on the playground.
  • Sam stops his wheelchair abruptly in line to keep from bumping into Sarah.
  • Brittany starts, stops, and turns when running to avoid crashing into things.
  • Jimmy turns corners and avoids obstacles while riding a tricycle.​​​
​ P-PMP 1.

Child demonstr​ates control, strength, and coordination of large muscles.

Executes movements that require a stable base.

  • Jose sits in a chair and raises his foot to put on a sock without falling ​over.
  • Penelope holds onto her walker and balances on one foot.
  • Camilla catches a large ball with two hands and traps it against her chest.
  • Jacob stands still and aims as he throws the dart ball at the Velcro target.

Pushes, pulls, twists, turns, bends, balances, stretches, sways and/or swings limbs with coordination and control.

  • Marrisa turns to chat with a friend over her shoulder while pushing a toy truck back and forth on the carpet.
  • Zachary and Todd imitate their caregiver doing twisting and pulling exercises during small group ti​me.
  • Lasheeka bends forward in her wheelchair to touch her ankle.​​​
​ P-PMP 1.

Child demonstrates control, strength, and coordination of large muscles.

Walks up and down stairs with alternating steps.

  • ​Donte walks up and down the stairs, putting the same foot forward, one step at a ​time on the way to the library.
  • Shirley walks up the stairs using alternating feet.
  • Adam alternates feet while walking down stairs without holding onto the handrail.

Explores a variety of movements.

  • Barbara moves her arm in different directions as she pulls the rope over the ground to make it form different shapes.
  • Liam tears off small pieces of tissue paper and then glues them on the construction paper.
  • Josh follows a friend around the room, copying the movements he observes as he waves the scarf to create patterns and shapes in the air.
  • Standing at the water table in her gait trainer, Sally pulls her hands in different directions, watching how the ripples in the water go different directions.
  • Harper threads small beads onto a red pipe cleaner and then asks for help to attach it to her wrist.​​
​ P-PMP 3.

Child demonstrates increasing control, strength, and coordination of small ​muscles.

Explores and manipulates objects in a variety of ways. 

  • Billy stacks small blocks to make a wooden tower.
  • At the sand table, Mykala fills cups using spoons and shovels.
  • Taylor puts bristle blocks together and builds structures.
  • Andy pulls his shoelaces tight after putting his sneakers on his feet.

Uses tools.

  • Margaret hits nails and pegs with a wooden hammer.
  • Keshon uses a spoon and a fork at lunchtime.
  • Amelia presses a switch on the tray of her wheelchair to make the bubble maker blow bubbles.
  • While using scissors, April snips and makes jagged cuts around the picture she's cutting out of a magazine. 
  • Yolanda draws and colors using chubby crayons, jumbo markers, and pencils with big grips.
  • After lunch, Sukie puts toothpaste on her toothbrush and brushes her teeth.

Exhibits strength and control when performing fine motor skills.

  • Claire rolls small bits of clay into balls, rolls them to make “snakes," and then smashes them flat.
  • Cecilia uses a rolling pin, cookie cutters and a wooden hammer when working with clay to make a rabbit.
  • Rudy snaps the snaps on a dressing board.
  • Craig uses a paper punch and stapler to make a book.
  • Luis uses a child-sized pitcher to pour juice into cups with minimum spilling.

Performs tasks using hands with skill and precision.

  • Nora puts small wooden beads on a string to make a necklace.
  • Jill controls the movement of a marker to create shapes and letters.
  • Bo buttons and zips his clothes and attempts tying his shoes.
  • After watching her teacher cut along a line, Nina cuts on or close to a line.
  • Sarah paints a picture of her family, paying close attention to the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth.​​