Educator and Family Resources

Preschool COVID-19 Resources For Educators and Families

  • Conscious Discipline an evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to social and emotional learning, is offering free resources to support professionals, caregivers, families, and children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Free resources can be found here.

  • The "Meals for Kids" interactive map directs people to local sites where kids can get free meals. The site finder currently lists more than 20,000 meal sites from 23 states, and more sites will be added as states submit data each week. The map is available in both English and Spanish at

  • Lakeshore Learning is offering over 1,000 FREE resources for children from birth through elementary school-aged.  

  • The Lane Research Lab provides researched-based strategies and interventions for children who are at risk or children diagnosed with a disability, such as autism spectrum disorder. Everything on the site is meant to provide parents, practitioners, and researchers with information that can be used to improve socially-meaningful behaviors in children.